Athlete Profile: Dano Thorne

Dano Thorne is from Cowichan First Nation and is presently the Recreation and Sport Director for the community. He recently received gold at the 2017 and 2015 World Games coaching the Indigenous female soccer team at NIFA. Dano’s family has a rich history in soccer as his grandfather built the sport in his community. He started playing soccer since he could walk and considers the sport a foundation in everyone’s life. Dano has not only been able to use it to stay healthy and active, but also as a career. Regarding the Masters Games, Dano said, “the Masters Games will benefit everyone because we forget about being healthy. We have lost a lot of young leaders and elders because we aren’t taking care of ourselves. The Masters Games will allow us to have fun, play, and set an example to the youth. We need to stay alive and enjoy it so we can pass on the vial cultural teachings that come out way so we can learn those things that have connected our ancestors. Our major games are about culture and identity and sharing song, dance, and our traditional ways. Culture will be the foundation of these Games.”